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The Swan Inn Public House, Ring 01284 828477 or www.swaninnlawshall.com
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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Dave Armstrong Announces Retirement

Dave Armstrong announced his retirement on social media during the week, his statement read,

I have had a long and hard think and I have come to the discussion that it’s time to hang up the cricket bat. 

My head is saying yep carry on but my knees are saying NOOO 😞

I have absolutely loved the time with the club and have had many a fantastic day. 

I hope you can sort out the team and carry on. 

You never know i may be able to play a couple of games in the future.

Thanks again and I hope we can all meet up for a beer or seven soon.  


David's stats are for his time at Hartest and Coldham Hall CC are for league games only and a superb servant to the club with many hours on the preparation of the cricket pitch, numerous tasks to help the club run,

Winner of two Champagne moments [two sublime one handed catches] and two time winner of the bowler of the year, stats for those are harder to dig out as they were done on a season by season basis.

Dave played;

 115 matches, 83 innings, 786 runs, averaging 9, with 17 times not out, and a top score of 45 not out, one stat he always tried to achieve was a fifty but always played for the team not his own personnel numbers.

He also took 28 catches and hit 4 sixes. 

Many memories of Dave and Nicko at mid off and on plus two amazing catches but one that stands out was the partnership with son Jack, put on a shed full of runs well over a hundred I recall with Dave so proud of Jack reaching his 50 and a hug in the middle of the pitch brought a tear to the eye, just one of many memories and I am sure those who played with him have your own.




Friday, 29 June 2018

Cavendish Kind Offer

Ben received this very kind offer and asked me to put it on the website, Cavendish CC along with a good few other teams have passed on there sadness of hearing of the struggles of Hartest and Coldham Hall Cricket Club have had over the recent few seasons, culminating to withdrawing from the league and hoping to play the odd friendly, but for some players who would like to play a bit more may find the offer below a very generous and attractive one, we thank them [Cavendish CC] and the many other teams who have passed on their good wishes to the club.


Just received this message. If any of you are interested in Eddies details I'll ping them over to you...

Hi Ben, hope this finds you well and sorry for the contact out of the blue. It’s Eddie Tolchard the skipper at Cavendish.

I was sorry to hear that Hartest and Coldham Hall CC have had to fold. And I can sympathise with the struggles. 

Myself and Merv Douglas were contemplating reaching out to you over the winter but when we saw that the club was soldiering on into 2018 we thought better of it. But with the recent news we thought a good time to let you know that you and/or any players that are now without a club then you’d find a welcoming home over at Cavendish. 

Just Sunday matches and a few Friday night T20s in front of a decent crowd (when not netting on Fridays) are just enough for us and it’s a good environment and (especially on Fridays) plenty people around. We have the coaching for the All Stars 5-8 year olds and juniors 8-11 each Friday after school during term time. 

If this sounds of interest we’d love to hear from you or anyone at Hartest, with a view to playing cricket without the stresses of running a club. 



Thursday, 21 June 2018

Hartest and Coldham Withdraw from the League

After the Captains resignation and another cancellation due to a lack of numbers a meeting was held in the Beer House on Tuesday.

The upshot was a statement from Dave Armstrong below;

"6 of us turned up for the meeting.
As expected I have asked ben to let the league know that we are folding.😢
But we are going to keep going as a friendly team. I have phone numbers so will be in touch.
I hope that we can keep going as a lot of positive things came from tonight.
We are looking at playing one game a month for starters and see how it goes from there . 👍
Let me know your thoughts "

Very sad indeed but not unexpected, the great difficulty over last 4 or 5 seasons to get new players has been extremely difficult, I am sure if you look at a fixture from ten seasons ago, about 7 or 8 would still be in the team and sadly ten years older.

The lack of Cricket on terrestrial television plus so many other options of things to do for the younger generations have also curtailed players coming into the game.

I believe we won't be the last team to leave the league for similar reasons, we can only hope the high powers will notice the amount of teams struggling at grass roots level, its not all about TV money because they will be killing the golden goose.

However on the plus side it appears David Armstrong is heading towards the captaincy on as he says a friendly basis of a game once a month which may increase if again we can find people who want to play the game and show some weekly commitment which in today's world is not easy with family, work, and numerous things which requires a big pool of players to get not just eleven on the pitch but work off the pitch.

Hopefully he can muster with help of the remnants of the team to continue the club and history in without doubt its darkest days.

Lets hope perhaps in a season or two who knows maybe re enter the league, for all the eternal optimists lets hope so, another generation of Hartest and Coldham Hall Cricket Club please apply soon!